Lab 0

Due: Sunday, Oct 18th 2020

Start Early!!!

Individual Effort:
No team participation is really encouraged in the case of the homework or the labs.
You're are not allowed to use any libraries or extra code except gl-matrix, webgl-utils.js and some helper functions in order to initialize WebGL / load shaders. Especially Three.js is not allowed! If you're not sure or want to use some library, ask the teaching assistants before.


Do the following before you proceed:


The goal of this lab is to create a simple WebGL application. The focus is on setting up the Web GL pipeline and writing all the boilerplate code so that you can dive into the next lab without having to worry about Web GLs initialization.


Follow this guideline step-by-step. Make sure that you thoroughly test your program after each step so that you can find bugs easier and quicker.


Grading Criteria

Grading the labs will be based on the following:

In order to get a full mark, you need to do all of the assigned tasks AND adhere to to lab procedures while creating readable and efficient code. I.e. if you accomplish only 70% of the tasks correctly, but you do not adhere to lab procedures, your final mark will be 70*(1-0.05) = 66.5%.