Labs 50% [ 5% (Lab 0) + 5% (Lab 1a) + 5% (Lab 1b) + 10% (Lab 1c) + 10% (Lab 3a) + 15% (Lab 3b) ]
Pen & Paper5%
Bonus: 3x Course Feedback5%

» Grades will be posted on Moodle.


The following requirements must be met in order to pass the course:

Grading scale

The grading scale for the course will be:
1: at least 87.5%
2: at least 75.0%
3: at least 60.0%
4: at least 40.0%


Please upload files for your submission in → Moodle.

Late submission

Late submissions are possible, yet they will be penalized. Don't get behind in the lab assignments - always start early!
In this course you will have a total of 4 (four) grace days. A grace day allows you to submit an assignment up to 24h late without any penalty. Every further 24h you submit late consumes another grace day.

You can distribute grace days however you like (e.g. one for each assignment or all 4 for the first one). Once you used all your grace days you have to submit before the deadline, as further late submissions will not be accepted → NO points will be awarded.
Grace days you don't use are lost (i.e. no bonus points).

Academic Misconduct