Assignment A115%
Assignment A2 10%
Assignment A315%
Project40% [8% (M2) + 8% (M3) + 24% (M4)]
Participation12% (6x2%)
Course Reflections8% (4% + 4%)

» Grades will be posted on CEWebS.


Assignment submissions are through the repositories we have set up for you at GitHub. We will create one repository for each assignment and one for your group project. We will not accept submissions through email.

Important (due Mar 7)

Please sign up at github if you do not already have an account. Then, please fill out this google form with your student id and github username so we can set up the assignment and group project repositories and link them with your id.

To see your submission repositories sign into GitHub and switch to the VDA-VIS2015 organization or you can click here to go directly there. Once we post the assignments we will create the repository for that assignment for you and it will be listed on this page.

Late submission

Late Submissions are possible, yet they will be penalized. Academic Misconduct