Assigned readings:

Students should do the core readings before the lectures and participate in class discussions.

Attendance in class is required.

By 8:00am on the day of class, students must submit a set of three questions (on Moodle) about the material being covered that day. We encourage you to also bring a printout of these questions with you to class, and use them as a springboard for discussion. You should create one post per question and give a precise citation to the place in the book (page number, section) or the paper (which paragraph in which section).

Your submitted questions/comments should be thoughtful, and clearly show that you've done the reading and reflected on it. If you genuinely are confused by some aspect of the reading, then it's useful and legitimate to ask for clarification. However, simply asking something that you could trivially look up yourself is not a good question. As with any written work that you hand in, I expect correct grammar and spelling.

9% of your total grade is based on class discussion. There are at least 10 assigned readings (marked with an 'R') in the course schedule. We will grade the best 3 (you can gain up to 3% points per assigned reading).