Course Feedback

We would like to ask you for feedback on Moodle. We would like to get good, critical feedback on the lectures and the course, so we know what we are doing wrong and work towards improving things. Hence, there will be the mechanism of leaving your comments to us and the TA. The format is free-form. Everyone (in the course) will be able to read your comments. There should be two parts to the feedback: (a) feedback on a specific lecture, no later than 5 days after the lecture and (b) general comments about the course. You can pick what lecture you want to give feedback on. However, you should give feedback on one lecture in the first half of the course (including the tutorial, between Oct 1--Nov 30) and you should give feedback to one lecture toward the end of the course (Dec 1--Jan 31). While you are welcome to do more than 2 feedback sheets, the two most detailed ones will be taken into account for the grade. You get at most 3% per feedback sheet.

Negative example: summary of lecture's content

"In this lecture two students presented Milestone 2. Then the lecturer explained 'Color Encoding' which was really interesting. Color Encoding was divided into 2 parts whereas the first part covered general explanations about color-spaces (RGB, HSV, ...) and the second part covered color mappings for different type of data. This was really interesting." (fictional example)