Composition of Grade

To reach 100% of your grade, you will need to earn
Individual assignments — 40%
Course/Group project — 45%
Class participation — 15%

Final Grade

The grading scale for the course will be:
1: at least 87.5%
2: at least 75.0%
3: at least 62.5%
4: at least 50.0%

In order to pass the course successfully, you will need to reach a minimum of 20% (of the total grade) from the individual assignments as well as a minimum of 25% (of the total grade) from the course project.
» Grades will be posted on Moodle.

Late submission

In this course we use something we call grace days. A grace day allows you to submit an assignment up to 24h late without any penalty. Every further 24h you submit late consumes another grace day. Since this class has individual assignments and a group project, there are two different types of grace days: Grace days for assignments and milestones are separate and can not be mixed. Other than that, you can distribute your grace days however you like. You can either use all your respective grace days for one assignment/milestone or you can use one grace day for one assignment/milestone and another grace day for another one. Please note that you can not use grace days to postpone presentations. Grace days can only be used for either assignments or milestones, but not for presentations!
Once you have used up all your grace days you have to submit before the deadline, as further late submissions will not be accepted → NO points will be awarded. Grace days you don't use are lost (i.e. no bonus points, no rolling over of unused assignment-grace-days).
Academic Misconduct