Readings & Ressources

Required book for the course:

The reason we have been teaching based on Angel's book for several years now has been the fact, that it helps the student to understand WebGL, which is currently a very important and powerful graphics standard, yet in comparison to other standards relativley easy to learn and to deploy.

Additional resources

The drawback is that Angel's book is not 'complete'. One of the most relied upon graphics books has been:

If there is any book, that can replace Hughes et al., it ought to be the one by Marschner and Shirley. There are a number of people who really like it and I can only highly recommend it:

Additional online resources

If the contents of the required book in terms of WebGL are not enough, we recommend to have a look into the following online tutorial:

Another great resource for computer graphics in general with many articles and even full open source books on realtime computer graphics and ray tracing is:

Please note that none of those online resources will be able to replace the required book!