Policy on Academic Honesty

Don't cheat, please! All the individual labs, homeworks and other assignments are meant to be done by each student on their own. If we think cheating might have occurred, this might have very negative consequences for you. Citing the Studienpräses (in German): "Ein 'Erschleichen' liegt vor, wenn eine fremde Leistung als Eigenleistung dargestellt wird (z.B. Textteile von anderen Personen ohne entsprechende Kenntlichmachung übernommen worden sind). [...] Die gesamte PI-LV ist nicht zu beurteilen und ein 'X' in i3v mit dem entsprechenden Vermerk 'geschummelt / erschlichen' zu erfassen."

Discussion about labs is encouraged, but please do your own work (unless the task is specifically designed as a group project). Near duplicate assignments will be considered cheating unless the assignment was restrictive enough to justify such similarities in independent work. Just think of it that way: cheating impedes learning and having fun. Please also note that opportunity makes thieves: It is your responsibility to protect your work and to ensure that it is not turned in by anyone else.

We will make use of automated plagiarism and code checking tools.

If source code (to enhance) or other material from the WWW is used, it should be acknowledged and a priori permission must be sought. Taking source code from a peer, the WWW, or a book to complete a lab makes you culpable of plagiarism ('X' with 'geschummelt / erschlichen'). Please note, that it is of course also not okay to copy large parts or even the whole code from somewhere else, even though you acknowledged it. This is like copying and pasting a book, putting your name on the cover, and hoping that nobody will find the fine-prints saying that it is actually from somebody else. If unclear, please talk to us before the submission. Justifications in hindsight are not possible.

Some examples of things that are not okay and will lead to an 'X':