Time Title Speaker
- Opening Ruediger Westermann
- Invited Speaker
Visualizing an Uncertain World
Chris Johnson
- Invited Speaker
Uncertainty in Weather Prediction: Where Does It Come from and What Does It Look Like?
George Craig
- break ---
- Exploring the Potential of Data Depth for Uncertainty Characterization and Visualization of Ensembles Mahsa Mirzargar
- Ensemble Data Analysis using Composite Visualizations Johannes Kehrer
- Exploring the Limits of Weather Predictability via Uncertainty Visualization Marc Rautenhaus
- Visualizing Uncertainty About Imminent Meteorological Threats Michael K. Lindell
- Re-envisioning Hurricane Predictions using Ensemble Displays Donald H. House
- Employing Model Reduction for Uncertainty Visualization in the Context of CO2 Storage Simulation
submission slides
Marcel Hlawatsch
- lunch ---
- Implicit Uncertainty Visualization: Aligning Perception and Statistics
submission slides
Michael Correll
- Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Visualisation?
anchoring study submission slides
Geoffrey Ellis
- VAPD - A Visionary System for Uncertainty Aware Decision Making in Crime Analysis
submission slides
Florian Stoffel
- Decision making in uncertainty visualization
submission slides
Thomas Torsney-Weir
- Towards Ecological Validity in Evaluating Uncertainty
P. Samuel Quinan
- break ---
- Paper Showcase 12 papers x 5mins each
- Panel
What are the Grand Challenge problems in the communication of uncertainty within the scientific community and to the public at large? To what extent can methods for communicating uncertainty be generalized beyond specific application domains?
Mike Kirby
Torsten Möller
Rüdiger Westermann
Ross Whitaker
Stefan Bruckner