Course Feedback

» You are supposed to give feedback on Moodle. I would like to get good, critical feedback on the lectures and the course, so I know what we are doing wrong and work towards improving things. Hence, there will be the mechanism of leaving your comments to me and the TAs. The format is free-form. Everyone can see them. Everyone (in the course) will be able to read your comments. There should be two parts to the feedback: (a) feedback on a specific lecture, no later than 5 days after the lecture and (b) general comments about the course. You can pick what lecture you want to give feedback on, with some constraints.

Negative example: summary of lecture's content

"In this lecture two students presented Milestone 2. Then the lecturer explained "Color Encoding" which was really interesting. Color Encoding was divided into 2 parts whereas the first part covered general explanations about color-spaces (RGB, HSV, ...) and the second part covered color mappings for different type of data. This was really interesting." (fictional example)